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Nikkah Services

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  • Two Muslim witnesses (ISEB can provide, with advance notice)
  • Legal marriage documentation from any state in the U.S
  • Venue
  • Imam Siraj Desai will solemnize your Nikah

In Islam, a Nikah (marriage ceremony) is a covenant with God to honor, respect, care for and love your spouse; it is a legally binding contract. The ISEB is honored to celebrate with you on this blessed occasion. ISEB Scholars will solemnize your Nikah . You can request the ceremony at ISEB, at your venue, or online via Zoom.

To conduct a Nikah, the following requirements must be met:

  • Bride and groom’s consent to marry
  • Two Muslim witnesses (ISEB can provide, with advance notice)
  • Bride’s Wali (Guardian i.e. bride’s father)
  • Legal marriage documentation from any state in the U.S.
    • If obtaining a marriage license from a nearby court house in the Bay Area, here are three counties near ISEB: AlamedaContra CostaSanta Clara. Please contact your County Clerk’s Office for fees and requirements.
    • Before scheduling your Nikkah, we encourage the couple to receive pre-marital counseling at the office at ISEB or online to understand one another and the Islamic marriage model.
    • Before coming in for your in-person or Zoom Nikkah, please complete this Nikkah form, including agreeing on the Mahr (dowry).

Please complete the Nikkah request form below only once you have made your appointment for or received your county marriage license.

In addition to providing a religious wedding officiant, the ISEB also offers facility rentals for your Nikah and a platform to help you find a spouse (only for San Francisco Bay Area residents). For marriage services.

Muslim Marriage Certificate 

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and salutations be upon His messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), his  family and his Companions. 

With help and success granted by Allah, after confirming that neither contracting party has no legal or other impediments and with  ijab (proposal) and qabul (acceptance):  

The nikah (Muslim marriage) contract has been concluded between the bridegroom and bride, as per terms and conditions listed 

In The Presence of Two Witnesses

The bride and bridegroom undertake to act properly toward each other in their marital life and in particular as per terms and conditions listed overleaf. Praise and thanks be to Allah.

For a Muslim marriage to be recognised in British law it must be held at a mosque registered as a place for the solemnisation of marriage, otherwise the civil ceremony must take place at a registry office first before the nikah (Muslim marriage) ceremony